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2009 | QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop | Print Design

This cover was created for a supplement to be added to a newspaper to honor the 2009 graduates from around the area high schools. I also paginated the entire 16 page section, designed the advertisements that went inside it, as well as edit the graduates’ photos for the newspaper.

2010 | Adobe Photoshop, HTML/CSS | Web Design

This website was designed to showcase the work of the Haitian artist, Julner Remy. His website didn’t need to be updated very often so I went with a basic static website, to keep time and cost down.

2010 | Adobe Photoshop | Digital Art

This piece was designed for a tutorial that was featured on Design Instruct. The tutorial can be found on the Design Instruct website.


2009 | Adobe Photoshop | Web Design

This is a transparent website layout that was designed for a tutorial which I also wrote for WebAppers. The tutorial can be found on the WebAppers website.


2009 | Adobe Photoshop | Print Design

This is the final cover design for the 2009 Community Guide, an annual tourist magazine.