If you like what you see and want to get a free price quote, you can fill out our form and we'll e-mail you.


If all of this design stuff is new to you, you can look at our following process to get an idea of how it all works.



The Quote.

So you’ve looked through the website and liked what you saw. The first step it to head over to our contact page and fill out your information so we can get you a quote. Be sure to add a price point if you have one in mind so we can work with you to get something in your price range.



The Contract.

Once we’ve agreed on a price based on the quote, we go ahead and sign a contractual agreement or agree on the terms through email. We will then ask for a percentage down, depending on the price of the project.



The Essentials.

Once we have signed the contract we are ready to get started. At this point we will discuss what you want to have for information, photos, colors, etc. You will provide us all the information you would like in your project (text, photos, logos). We cannot begin until we have this stuff, so it is a good idea to start preparing for this even before we sign the contract.



The Design Options.

Depending on the project, you may get some different design options/layouts for you to choose from. If so, we will email these different ideas to you. You will then choose which idea you like the best and we will proceed with that one.



The Project.

We will work on your project and contact you with anything we may need or questions we have. At this point we will bill you for the half way for a portion of the amount if we specify that in the contract.



The Finish.

This is when we either send the final product to you, or we put your website online. This is also when the final payment is due. You will receive the product after we receive the final payment.



The Future.

Any updates specified in the contract will be billed monthly. Any new projects will be re-quoted and put into a new contract.



If you have any questions feel free to contact us.