A Passion for Fashion


So maybe you and your business have outgrown eBay and etsy.com is becoming a tighter fit than you find comfortable. Your passion for fashion can now be called an authentic startup, and that means it’s time to dress the part. With some eCommerce tips and tricks, and while you may not be presiding over a chic boutique in SoHo or an atelier in a fashionable arrondissement, you and your style can be worldwide, too. Fashion’s not just a game for Paris, Milan, and New York any longer. Fashion and apparel in the digital age are world-wide industries, with something for everyone’s taste from haute couture to the custom T-shirt.


Building a Better Mobile Website


According to research conducted by Ipsos, a research think-tank, on behalf of search engine giant Google, over 69 percent of American smartphone owners access the Internet on a daily basis from their phone. As noted by Pew, another research outlet, over 56 percent of adults own smartphones. Combining these figures shows just how powerful the mobile marketplace is in everyday life. For businesses looking to expand into online sales, getting the basics of mobile design right could lead to a highly lucrative venture into this burgeoning field.


The Importance of Website Style Guides

Designers often deal with web projects that involve changing client needs, cramped schedules, and limited budgets. All of these wavering factors make it difficult to keep up with constantly changing demands when using the typical linear, sequential method of designing—especially when it only outputs a usable product at the very end of the project. Because of this challenge, many designers are borrowing practices from developers to create a more efficient and agile workflow.


Exclusive Vector Collection from Depositphotos


Vector images are now become very popular and widely used in some occasions, events, and business such as ad, banner, website, brochure, and so on. People prefer to use vector images because of its simplicity, attractiveness, and flexibility. Vector images which are usually in a form of illustrations or cartoons and can attract attention easily. Besides that, the flexibility that vector image format has, makes this kind of image available to be printed in all dimensions and resolutions. Vector images are very good for advertisements or other commercial activities.
However, finding good quality of vector images are not easy even though there are bunches of free vectors are available to be downloaded on the internet. If you are looking for quality, maybe free vector images cannot always satisfy your need. It is better to look into some dedicated websites which offers varieties of vector images with high quality.


Ecommerce Business Building Basics


It’s not unusual for small businesses to struggle when dealing with new marketing techniques. There are a lot of promises attached to products, and it’s tempting to focus on what seems like a quick solution. But there is something to be said about getting back to the basics of business building.


Communicating Through Color In Web Design


When creating a website, choosing its color is one of the most important things you will have to decide upon. Research has shown that it has a significant influence on the overall message your website sends, so it stands to reason that an effective color scheme can make or break your site.


What to Think About While Setting Up Your Mobile Site


It’s not enough these days to design a website for your business. You also need a mobile strategy. Much like a website, you need to make design decisions based on what the desired outcomes of the mobile site are. There are several steps to go through to ensure you have an optimized mobile site that is ready for a mobile audience.


What You Can Learn From the Trend In Minimalism

Minimalism is a trend that has been translated to all forms of creativity, including music, art, architecture, interior and graphic design. In web design, minimalism is especially effective in emphasizing the functionality of a website. For this reason, it’s gaining momentum among web designers and web users.


Useful Photoshop Shortcuts

When you are going to use Photoshop for image editing and manipulation, you will need the fastest ways to do it. So, you will require some shortcuts which will give you an extra edge as a PS professional. Many people out there don’t know a whole lot of shortcuts, but it is a good idea to learn them if you want to be an expert.


Using Effective Images for your Website

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. This popular saying has been around for years, and it still holds true for building an effective website. While text grabs the attention of major search engines like Google and Bing, a well-placed picture grabs the attention of your human visitors.


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