Unique Playing Cards


There’s nothing more fun than a game of cards is there! It’s a great way to bring families together if you are playing a game of Snap or Switch, or even if you are a fully grown adult using them for gambling they are very popular (You can always play online on this site. Playing online games is a fun past time, specially slot machines on South Park Slot.). Obviously only one side of the card will have a face and the other is completely blank allowing you to do whatever you want with it. This gives you the opportunity to customise your cards to whatever you want to make them super unique! We have some ideas for you based on some famous creations.


White Artisan Playing Cards

These are one of the most beautiful decks of playing cards we have ever seen. They were illustrated by Simon Frouws and will definitely be a good topic of conversation at a cards event. They scream quality with the gold foil hot stamped onto paper that has been sourced from forests which is highly durable. The ink that is used is vegetable based and the laminates are starch based. There is a black collection of these cards too which were created in December 2012. The infamous magician David Copperfield was definitely a fan describing them as “the best playing cards ever produced”.



If you are a creative visionary and not a huge fan of tradition – you will love these playing cards. They have taken away the standard design of cards that you would normally expect and Hundred Million have done it well. Instead of suits you will find ink colours such as Magenta, Cyan, Yellow and Black. These cards aren’t overly expensive costing just £9 for a deck and would be a great addition to a poker match.


Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is possibly one of the most popular TV shows at the moment. It’s full of action, drama and everything else that will captivate audiences. Of course you will find all kinds of merchandise themed around it and this includes playing cards! Jim Tuckwell initiated a project where he created just a few cards for the Game of Thrones fan base. Paul Nojima who is an Etsy user noticed them and thought that they were a fantastic idea. As Tuckwell himself couldn’t create a full deck, Nojima took it upon himself to do it.


52 Shades of Greed

This is a very interesting one. Occupy Wall Street which is banking company had contacted an illustrator by the name of Mark Scheff to design him a deck of cards that were meant to be informative as well as fun to use. The point was to give educate people about the state of the US economy during the recession. It didn’t take long for this project to expand with a total of 28 artists involved. The end product was 56 cards which included the normal 52 cards as well as 4 extra bonus cards. It appears that this project has been a huge success and did exactly what was intended.

With the surge of online gaming card games have never been so popular. You can find them on the casino and bingo sites so of course there is definitely room in the market for products such as these. If you aren’t getting your mobile card games fix on the go – you definitely may want to invest in some good quality and creative playing cards, they will be perfect for your next poker tournament with your mates. If you want to try out some mobile no deposit casino’s to get your practice in click here!

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