A Passion for Fashion


So maybe you and your business have outgrown eBay and etsy.com is becoming a tighter fit than you find comfortable. Your passion for fashion can now be called an authentic startup, and that means it’s time to dress the part. With some eCommerce tips and tricks, and while you may not be presiding over a chic boutique in SoHo or an atelier in a fashionable arrondissement, you and your style can be worldwide, too. Fashion’s not just a game for Paris, Milan, and New York any longer. Fashion and apparel in the digital age are world-wide industries, with something for everyone’s taste from haute couture to the custom T-shirt.

Find the Solution

When you’ve made your niche, it’s at times hard to leave when you should. However, a growing business needs to plan for success and development. For new businesses, the providers vying for your money are numerous, and it’s hard to tell a sales pitch from a valid claim. Still, upping your game or even getting in doesn’t need to mean upping your budget. There are alternatives to staying in one place that are both stylish and economical.

If busting the piggy-bank for a new site design, services, and hosting isn’t an option, the canny Fashionista needs to start looking for real e-Commerce solutions providers. Services such as Shopify.com and Wix.com provide templates, hosting, and services in one convenient stop, at various price points attractive to the small business owner. With lots of free apparel website templates on hand and ready for you to customize and fill with your product, your chic boutique is all but in the bag. You’ll have room to grow from starting small, and you may find specialized eCommerce providers a more comfortable fit, if you’re already established.

Make Your Space Your Own.

Filling out the new space can be a little daunting, but think of your website as your store. Create an atmosphere that reflects your unique product line and attitude with colors, good photography, and a memorable logo. Remember, just like a brick-and-mortar location, the Internet is your display window, and you want to look your best. Every business from a T-shirt shop to a high-end jeweler needs to keep in mind that the simpler the presentation, the more the customer will absorb in that all-important first impression. And while they might look at the ‘window’ and keep walking, if it’s memorable and appealing, you can bet a pair of tickets to Paris they’ll come back and have a look around.

And when they do come back, be prepared, every page on your site has the potential to be that shop window. The most important thing you can do is to let the product speak for itself. What would you put in your shop window? A stunning pair of shoes or someone talking about a stunning pair of shoes? Remember, only J. Peterman is J. Peterman, anyone else just looks like they’re trying to be J. Peterman. Don’t try to be anyone but yourself.

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