What to Think About While Setting Up Your Mobile Site


It’s not enough these days to design a website for your business. You also need a mobile strategy. Much like a website, you need to make design decisions based on what the desired outcomes of the mobile site are. There are several steps to go through to ensure you have an optimized mobile site that is ready for a mobile audience.

Outline Your Mobile Objectives

The way you set up your mobile site will depend on the business you are running. An eRetailer’s mobile site will look different than that of a service based business. It will also depend on if you are just beginning to build a mobile site, or making improvements to an existing one. Define what your situation is, and begin planning how your business objectives can be translated into your mobile design. Start by making a prioritized list of business objectives. Once you have this, you can make decisions more easily that are based on your business needs. It will also help you clarify your business objectives. Think about what is important to your business’ brand.

Use the Right Mobile Design Scheme

Building a desktop site will have a different set of restrictions and objectives than when you are planning your mobile website design. Just because the design of a mobile website has to be different does not necessarily mean that the objective of your online presence is different from one platform to another. A mobile site needs to be a stripped down version of your desktop site. Images and graphics need to be quick to load and easy to use.

Unlike the desktop site, it is best to stick to a single column design for your mobile website. You have to think of mobile design in a vertical way. Take advantage of features like collapsible columns. This makes it easy for viewers to see what is offered on the mobile site, and it gives them the freedom to pick and choose what information they want to access. Even though it is best to keep mobile design on the simpler side, it does not mean your site has to look boring. The rise of mobile design has made balancing engaging mobile-appropriate graphics with simplicity possible.

Get Feedback

There is no such thing as a perfect layout. Chances are, you will have to make adjustments and changes to the best design for your mobile website. Allow your website visitors to provide you with feedback on the design, and test it out with a diverse audience. A mobile site is something you have to consistently update and make sure all the information on it is relevant.

Mobile site design is a continuously changing game. Be sure to stay up to date with the innovations and advancements. You want to keep your mobile site fresh and engaging to the people who use it. Mobile communication is only going to become an even more important way that businesses communicate with consumers and with one another.

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