Choosing the perfect logo for your blog: Tips

Logo is considered a symbol of the blog’s identity. It is as important as the content of your blog. Having a logo symbolizes the purpose of the blog, along with creating a right perception about it. A professionally designed logo can have a good impact in various social marketing and promotional activities, whereas as a poorly designed blog logo can mar the image of your blog. Here is as description of some of the important tips and tricks of choosing a perfect blog logo.

Keep it simple

When it comes to designing a blog logo, stick to the rule of simplicity. A simple blog logo will always help your audience to easily recognize and remember your blog in a rush of countless blogs. Always select a logo, which remains relevant to your blog content. Your blog logo must be able to portray the style and content your blog incorporates. A well-chosen blog logo can certainly help you in exemplifying your visitors and readers about your blog content. A simply designed logo could act as an emblem to your blog.

Endeavor to stand out

The basic purpose of a logo over your blog is to expedite your brand awareness, however, a number of people consider using it to give their blog a professional look. You are supposed to make your blog logo appear more memorable and the best way to do this is by designing a logo, which looks different and unique. So, unless you get a logo that appears different, make sure you keep searching for the same.

It should blend with your blog

Many bloggers commit a mistake of getting a unique logo, which fails to gel properly with their blogs. Even if you have designed some stylish and classy kind of logo, but if it clashes with your current blog look and feel, then you have failed in getting a right logo for your blog. Lastly, while designing a perfect logo for your blog, you are supposed to choose permanent color scheme for the logo before you start designing it.

It should not confuse the new visitors

A well-chosen logo will always tell your visitor what your blog is all about. On the contrary, a logo with poor design can confuse any new visitor to your blog. Though you are not supposed to select any logo design, which typically is related to your blog niche, yet your logo must hint your niche to some extent in one way or the other. You can, therefore, select any logo design, which is simply related to your blog content or get a purely neutral one.


A perfect logo can help you in building your brand in the market, whereas a poorly designed logo can do the opposite. So, before you start designing your logo for your blog, make sure you consider the above tips and ideas in order to embark on a perfect one.

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