Creating bold text that stands out

A great way to make text stand out is to give it a little pop. In this tutorial we are going to use Adobe Illustrator to make the text pop by giving it some heavy shadows and strokes.


Font: HVD Comic Serif Pro

Step 1

Lets open up Adobe Illustrator and create a new 1200x600px document.

Step 2

Next we are going to type out our text using the font HVD Comic Serif Pro. The font doesn’t have to be a specific size, just something that you think looks good. You can change the line spacing by selecting one line of text, then hold down Alt and move the arrow key up and down.

Step 3

Now we want to take our text and convert it to paths by going to Type>Create Outlines. This will make our text easier to work with.

Step 4

Next we want to change the color of our text to a orange-yellow gradient. So the colors I am using are #FDB84A and #F38C22. So make sure you have the Gradient window open (Window>Gradient), then click and drag the light yellow to the left side of the gradient, and the darker yellow to the right side of the gradient. Change the gradient type to Radial.

This will add a radial gradient to each letter when the gradient is first added. Select all the text, then click on the Gradient Tool (G) and click the center of the text and drag the gradient out to get one radial gradient throughout the entire text.

Step 5

This text is going to have a couple of strokes, so the first one we are going to make is a black stroke. Select the text and then Copy and Paste in Front (Ctrl+F). Change the yellow to no fill, and change the stroke to black at a 20pt weight. Move the black stroke behind the yellow text by going to Object>Arrange>Send to Back.

Step 6

Now we are going to repeat step 5, but we are going to use a 7pt white stroke and move it just behind the yellow text (Object>Arrange>Send Backward so the white stroke is behind the yellow, but infront of the black stroke.

Step 7

Next we are going to take the yellow text Copy and Paste in Front (Ctrl+F). Change the text color to black, with a 20pt black stroke. Move the text behind everything else (Object>Arrange>Send to Back).

Now while holding down Shift, move the black text down and to the right.

Step 8

Finally, we are going to take the yellow text, and Copy and Paste in Front (Ctrl+F) twice so we have two copies and one original text objects. Select the top text and using the arrow keys, move down 5 times and to the right 5 times. Select both the first and second layers, then go to the Pathfinder (Window>Pathfinder), Alt and click the Minus Front button.


The following 10 free fonts can usher your artwork into modernity marvelously.

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  1. Melanie

    I wish more tutorials would be broken down as explicitly.

    Thank you!

  2. 22/09/2012

    It was really nice tutorial. I made a similar one with few additions of my own and it has been appreciated by quite a number of people.