Mobile Web is Not the Traditional Web

In the early stages of development of cellphone market, much has been said and done in providing a good platform for consumers to shop at this new platform in terms of time or space. However, in a haste of making this medium bright and shiny, there are many basic benefits which have been ignored.

The things like runway video content, static product catalogs, blog integration and mobile lookbook content which gives value to customers however comes with as a unidirectional communication approach without considering the strengths of the mobile web medium.

In order to address the issue of mobile design ineffectiveness, you need to utilize the disruptive methods to deconstruct current formats and models along with highlighting the underleveraged. Also, you need to understand how mobile experience is different from the stationary and traditional formats of web formats.

Mobile web different from traditional web

Though they are seen with a common infrastructure, the mobile format is certainly not a traditional web. They differ in couple of ways to the traditional world of web. The traditional forms of web are considered to be an inactive model, whereas the mobile web is called as dynamic in nature.

To make mobile web different and dynamic to render consumers a distinctive kind of experience, you need to incorporate socially, actionable and immediacy elements. These things are considered to be pretty significant for the mobile web models which need to be utilized in a different and unique way.

The designed framework for mobile web should be able to embark with actionable and mobilized features at the forefront with unidirectional digital assets rendering good background aesthetic.

The features which are required to be integrated in mobile web design include location recognition, personalization, voice capability, time-sensitivity, social connectivity and integrated camera functionality. These are known as distinctive strong points of the mobile web medium. In other words, designing for mobile web is pretty different to the traditional formats of web design to a great extent.

The mobile web format

When you think of designing any typical mobile web page or application design, you will be directed to a static main page having a logo, a main page image and product category list. So when you visit such sites using your cellphone device, you will be greeted with different interaction options.

The factor of mobility is basically about immediacy and location awareness which helps an active navigation in such websites along with having a provision to find your location with the help of GPS coordinates. In this way, you also get proper geo related information from the mobile website designs.

Also, integration of social media with mobile design is undeniable and significant. By having this actionable menu carrying social functions, it helps the users to enable the sociomobile threading and thus connect the likeminded people easily. By incorporating functions which are unique and specific to mobile web adds up strength to this new medium of web.

The mobile web design is pretty different as compared to the traditional forms of web design. Hence you need all together a different set of principles and features while working on the mobile web designs. While designing the mobile web, it is imperative to consider the factors and principles as discussed above in the article to make the browsing experience at cellphone platforms easy and simple.

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