Contest Winners: $199 in Pixmac Credits!

The contest we are holding with Pixmac is now over. We gave away, a 1 month subscriptions worth $199 to 3 lucky readers. A one month subscriptions consists of 25 credits per day, every day for one month (which equals out to 750 credits). That’s a lot of credits, since large images are only 5 credits each. For more details about the subscription you can check it out on the Pixmac website.

About Pixmac

In a nutshell Pixmac is a website to get stock images. Not only does Pixmac have a great variety of images, they are a one-stop-shop for all your advertising and print needs. They have a great way of buying images where you don’t have to sign up in an account and have to remember a password and user name. You can just go in, pick your image, buy it and be on your way, saving you a lot of time.

Along with the paid images they also have a large selection of free images that you can use for your commercial work (with a standard license).

And the winners are…


Jenna Chambers


The winners will be contacted soon via email to receive their prize. Thank you to everyone who entered.

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    i like your information

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    The world isn’t ending tomorrow but u would still want to get ur house in order!!!! churchy lol