3D Text On Fire

This tutorial is going to be a little more advanced than the other ones I have done. It shouldn’t be a problem if you have been following along with our other tutorials or have a grasp of Photoshop. So lets begin.

Photoshop Tutorial

First we are going to need to grab some photos, the links to them are below.







Text texture (3rd one down)


Ok now lets get started.

Step 1

Open up Illustrator and type out a word of your choice, in my case I used the word “FIRE” in ITC Franklin Gothic Heavy. Make sure that each letter is in a different text box. Now using Effect>3D>Extrude & Bevel set up your letters in an interesting way, keeping in mind that they are going to be on fire. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but something like what I have below. If you are having trouble with the 3D text, you can look at the tutorial on creating 3D text.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 2

Open up Photoshop, and create a new document (I’m using 1680×1050). Fill the background with black. Paste the text you created in Illustrator. Make sure you bring in one letter at a time so they are all on different layers. Resize the text and adjust the angle until you get something that you are happy with.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 3

We are going to work on the background first, so grab a yellow/orangish color (Something that kind of has a fire look to it) and create a circular gradient with our color fading to 0% opacity. Stretch the gradient out with your transform tool until you’ve created somewhat of a glow under your text.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 4

Grab the ground texture that we downloaded and bring it into our document. Decrease the size and adjust the angle so it looks like it is under the text. If you hold down the apple key and drag one of the corners it distorts it, so you can get a better perspective. Drag it so it is above the gradient layer and change the blend mode to multiply. You can adjust the size of the gradient so there is more ground showing.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 5

Now we can start adding in the fire. You can use the lasso tool to roughly cut out the parts of the fire you want.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 6

Bring your cut out fire pieces into the document and place them in and around the text. Change the blend mode to lighten on your fire, this will get rid of most of the black areas around the fire. Play around with the flames until you get something you like.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 7

Now we want to get rid of the sharp edges we have from cutting out the fire from the other images. So what we want to do is click on each layer, apply a layer mask and then use a black brush with a soft edge to start painting out the edge of our fire.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 8

Lets give our text a shadow that is cast by the fire, so it will be a fairly high contrast one. Load each layer of our FIRE text and fill a new layer with black, with our selected area. Go into filter>blur>radial blur, put the amount up to 100 and set the blur method to zoom. Repeat that filter with apple + f, then duplicate that layer. Then merge the two layers.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 9

Now like we did with the fire, we are going to mask out the spots that isn’t supposed to have a shadow. Like all around the back we want to get rid of, as well as spots where light would come through the letters.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 10

Now comes the time consuming part. I usually make a folder for each letter, then at least two different layers for each letter’s shadow and usually one for the highlight. So lets start off with the E. Create a new folder for it in your layers. Then create a layer for our shadow. Use the tool of your choice to get the selections, I’m going to use the polygonal lasso tool (and the pen tool for the curved letters). Now Grab a big black brush and drop the opacity down to 20%. I usually use one that covers most of the shape I’m trying to paint to get an even shadow. Now start painting, one click at a time, making the bottom darker than the top.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 11

Grab another part of the E, one that doesn’t touch the area we already darkened and continue shadowing. You can hide the fire layers, it will make the letters easier to see. So just repeat this with all your shadow layers. Creating a new folder for each letter, and a new layer for the opposite dark areas. This is one of those things that the more you do it the more you get better, and it takes practice to get good at it.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 12

Now we are going to start working on the highlights. Using the lasso tool (and the pen tool for the curved areas), cut out one top at a time then putting them in the corresponding folders. Set your highlight layers to overlay and use a combination of yellow, orange and white colors to give the tops of the letters a highlight effect. Repeat this for each letter until you get something you like. If you want to add more intensity to the glow, duplicate the layer or create a new layer and start painting on that.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 13

Now we want to grab the texture that what got in the beginning. This is going to give our text a burnt look. So bring the texture into the document and size it until you find a good look for the E. Then load the E layer and select the inverse selection using apple + shift + i and delete. Since it is a lighter texture, I am gong to do an inverse, to make it darker (apple + I). Then Change the blend mode to multiply.

Photoshop Tutorial


This is my process when it comes to creating scenes with 3D lettering. This tutorial was created to give you an idea of how to create something like this with some basic steps and a little time.

Photoshop Tutorial

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  2. nice effect thanks for the tut..

  3. 11/03/2009

    nice tut, i love the outcome! :)

  4. 11/03/2009

    Nice Tutorial…

    Just to let you know all of your images link to the same image.

    Stevie :D

  5. 11/03/2009

    3D Text On Fire Tutorial…

    Popularity: unranked [?]


  6. 11/03/2009

    Very nice.

  7. 11/03/2009

    This is great. It would be awesome to do this with someone you don’t like’s name and then send them an e-mail with just the image you created.

  8. 11/03/2009

    @Steve: Thanks, they are fixed

    @Aimee: Haha, that’s a great idea!

    and thanks for the comments everyone

  9. ramil


  10. 12/03/2009

    come on it’s nice

  11. 12/03/2009


  12. paul

    pretty cool man.

  13. rsvr85

    I love this but i’m stuck already!! How do i make a circular gradient for the glow underneath the FIRE letters? Also, you say that it’s going to go on the foreground, is this the layer with the letter E on it or the black background?

  14. 13/03/2009

    @rsvr85 This is going to be a new layer, usually when you do a new part like this you should usually create a new layer.

    So after you pick your color in the tool bar there is a gradient tool, click that. Then (usually at the top of your screen) there are some options and one of them is a circular gradient. Also up there is some color options click on the one that goes from your orange color to what looks like a gray and white checkered pattern, that’s the 0% opacity.

  15. 13/03/2009

    @rsvr85 also it was supposed to say background not foreground, fixed. Thanks!

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  17. Marko

    Do you have cs4 ?

  18. 17/03/2009

    This was done on CS

  19. fenomark

    nice for ur detail pictures to ur photoshop ^^

  20. xea

    Thanks very much, very nice presentation, I linked this tutorial on my blog!

  21. amq

    im stuck on the last part how do i make the texture that was downloaded appear like that on the letters, could be be more specific?

  22. 25/03/2009

    It will look like that if you change the blend mode to multiply. Sorry, I forgot to put that.

  23. holmes

    kinda shit is this you don’t even tell us noobs how to get certain things done. wtf make some proper tutorials

  24. 25/03/2009

    At the very top, the very first line it says that it is an advanced tutorial…not for beginners. If you don’t have anything constructive to say or any questions to ask there is really no need for you to comment.

  25. amq

    oh thanks. i also discovered that luminosity also works as well for the texture

  26. holmes

    what you think your all big because you put up some not for beginners. im tryna do a project here and ur tutorial just wasted a period of mine. thanks

  27. 26/03/2009

    There are plenty of tutorials here for beginners. It doesn’t say anywhere on the website that all the tutorials are for beginners. You could have asked a question if you need help, and if you read the first sentence you probably wouldn’t have wasted your time.

  28. miguel

    trabajo en photoshop y se de lo que es capaz felicidades voy a intentar hacerlo mi respeto para el que lo hiso soy del salvador

  29. 28/03/2009

    This is nothing like any other tutorial on fire effects I’ve seen so far. This is amazing! Final artwork is really striking hot! Thanks for sharing this!

  30. shovi_mufti

    It’s my favourite. Thanks a lot:)

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  32. 10/04/2009

    Thanks for sharing this!

  33. tiffany

    uh, im still confused about the part where you do the highlites.
    i dont know where to go for that :O

    & i am still confused about the last step, the inverse part.
    could you possibly email me back on more detailed instructions please? (=

  34. 20/04/2009

    Start off by highlighting the areas where the fire is, because that will be the brightest part. Then highlight anywhere where the reflections of the fire would be.

    And the last step, you are supposed to get the inverse selection with apple + shift + I then get the inverse of the image with apple + I. I fixed it in the tutorial.

    I hope that helps.

  35. Ian

    Great tut buddy, got some great ideas from it. Why do some people get on here and give you a hard time just because they are not experienced enough to follows some more technical steps. Keep it Tyler love your work.

  36. 27/04/2009

    Thanks for a great tut! I’ll have to try that with my next poster design.

  37. 28/04/2009

    Very interesting!
    To do fire effect I did something different.
    If you want you can check the video here http://artmagicbox.com/blog/

    I’m very interesting to your comment.


  38. 28/04/2009

    Very nice.
    I tried to have a fire effect too.

    If you want you can see my video in the following address:

    Leave me a comment if you can.


  39. 28/04/2009

    great tutorial.thanks for your sharing
    added to my blog

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  41. 07/05/2009

    Great tutorial. Please keep them coming!

  42. mamichulo

    muchhhhhhhhhhho bueno.
    very interesting thank you papi

  43. 13/05/2009

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  44. khalid

    thank u nice

  45. 21/05/2009

    what the hell?!?!?!? this tutorial rocks! BOOKMARKED!

  46. jake s

    hey i am really stuck at step number 8 i cant figure out how to do that. can you explain a litllte more clearly

  47. 30/05/2009

    For step 8, you are basically just going to load each of the letters (holding down control and clicking on each of the letters layers), create a new layer, and fill that area with black.

    Then we are going to use a radial blur filter and that is in the filter drop down menu then in the blur menu. Set the amount in the options to 100 and the blur method to zoom.

    Finally we are going to duplicate the layer to give it a darker shadow.

    I hope that helps.

  48. Courtney

    Very nice. I love this effect!

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  50. Singal

    Nice Tutorial

  51. 27/06/2009

    thank you very much for your tutorial! Nice tutorial.. I’ll bookmarked your blog!

  52. Frank

    Nice effect, I like the use of textures to make the text look like it’s being burnt!

    On step 13, how do you “load the E layer” so that the texture “wraps around the letter” like that?


  53. 01/07/2009

    Just Control and click on the “E” layer then to get the inverse do Control + Shift + I and delete the rest of the area. Do that for each letter.

    The texture just naturally looks like it is wrapping around the letters because of the angles, but you don’t have to do anything special to it.

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  56. Ryan

    Excellent tutorial! This is among the best looking text-on-fire effects I’ve seen anywhere. Unfortunately, I started doing it with text of about 20 letters and then got to step 10, haha. I’m definitely not an advanced user, but there’s nothing here that you can’t do if you don’t give it a little time and research if necessary.

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial, this is great!

  57. 09/07/2009

    oh yeah, 20 letters would take forever!

  58. 3D Text On Fire…

    3D Text On Fire effect…

  59. 23/07/2009

    Great tutorials

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  61. santosh

    nice effect excellent

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  64. Hello this is really nice post and tutorial! Really love it!

  65. 13/09/2009

    VERY Nice. I love this text effect

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    it is great

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    ‘it’s very nice..
    i wish could be like you in the near future..

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    Great tutorial even being a beginner there were a few things i had to google on how to do things kudos man thanks will check out more tutorials from you in the future

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  80. KeyserSoze

    I like it very much but unfortunately I am a beginner and I can’t do it.Can u make a video tutorial Tyler?I think it will be GREAT!!!Thank you

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  86. Jay

    i’m new to photoshop but really dig ur tutorial. i use pc not mac and i cant seem to get step 3 right. i skipped steps 3&4 and proceeded till i got to step 8 where i needed to do the shadows.

    could u pls explain step 3 to again plzzzzz

    keep up d good work bro

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  88. 01/03/2010

    That looks amazing! I love the effect, especially the text and the way light is used! good job

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  90. 03/03/2010

    All you are doing in step 3 is creating an orange gradient and then stretching it out with the transform tool (Ctrl+T).

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  92. 23/03/2010

    AWESOME tutorial, really well explained and useful data allaround. great job!

  93. 25/03/2010

    In step 8 when I create the layer and do the radical blur nothing changes, the whole pic is just black :S can’t figure that one out.
    Btw nice tutorials!

  94. 31/03/2010

    i have learned more about this post so I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in designing these pictures. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative Editing abilities has inspired me

  95. pini

    hello dear
    step 7 in this tutorial, I find it difficult, I can not reach the level of transparency of the lower part of the flame, like flame that is about the picture on the letter E for example.
    please le me know What is the exact way to achieve this, and (to get rid of the sharp edges)Optimally///
    please let me know if it possible
    thanks in advance

  96. manieswar

    thanks for offering great effects

  97. Steve

    I’ve been wanting to do this tutorial for ever and now I am finally started on. My only problem, so far is getting the background layer to look right. Did you first resize it using free transform then do the perspective? Yours above looks like it may have been smudged or something as mine keeps showing rocks, etc. Or did you move it around until you found a flat spot. Oh and hey rsvr85, I know you from Mintywhite.com…. :-)

  98. Steve

    oh and on more thing, when you bring it in, do you place it as a smart object, or just copy and paste into a new layer?

  99. Steve

    dang i think my first post disappeared, i was asking how you brought the background in (place, copy/paste, etc.), and did you just scale and persective on it or ? Having trouble getting mine to look like it’s aligned on the X axis and not like, well a background…tried scale and perspective but still looks like it’s standing up in the background…

  100. 20/04/2010

    I took the top side and moved it to the right, and also moved it down so it looks flatter. And I just found a spot that looked the best. It may look kind of funny at first but once you add the shadows and highlights to it, it should look fine.

  101. 20/04/2010

    I just copy and paste it into a new layer.

  102. 22/05/2010

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  104. 31/05/2010

    I’ve been looking around http://www.denisdesigns.com and actually am impressed by the exceptional content here. I work the nightshift at my job and it really gets boring. I’ve been coming here for the previous couple nights and reading. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been enjoying what I have seen and I look forward to reading more.

  105. brian

    I really want to do this, but I am a photo shop novice. Can you write a “dumber” version of this? I need steps on how to apply the textures, also the circular gradient. I keep getting caught up on the command buttons because I’m using windows and you have apple commands. Can you or anyone help? It may just be easier to ask you write “BBQ” on fire since I’ve spent 12 hours on this and can’t get it to work. I need it for a marketing flyer

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  107. 10/06/2010

    font good me……….

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  109. Lorenzo

    Having trouble at step 12 with the highlights, can’t seem to understand exactly what you mean for us to do, no matter what i try i cant get anything that even looks sensible. Exactly what do we do to get it to work? (Using CS4 here).

  110. 13/06/2010

    All you are doing is selecting the face of the letters and then using a brush to paint on white, yellow and orange colors with a blend mode of overlay. This will give a glowing look to the text.

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  112. Mandy

    The fiery effect on the text is done really well as it looked almost realistic. It actually inspired me for my logo design and I got my designer from logodesignplanet.com to design a logo incorporating elements found from your tut. It came out better than expected as I thought it would be difficult to look strong and corporate but it looked really polished. Even my friends who were skeptics at first were blown away by how the logo design turned out. I got to thank you for posting this tut as I did show to my designer for reference to how I want it to look like. Thanks heaps!

  113. 19/06/2010

    Mandy: Great! I’m glad it helped

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  116. 12/07/2010

    Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing ? :)

  117. 12/07/2010

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  118. 12/07/2010

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  120. angella

    how does the glow come up?

  121. angella

    how are highlights done and how are shadows put?

  122. angella

    how are highlights done and how are shadows put? i like this am excited

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  125. 25/08/2010

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  127. 03/09/2010

    gracias muy buen tutorial son bastantes los conocimientos q e aprendido gracias a usted blesss

  128. needHELP

    hey guys.. my photoshop cs5 (licensed) dont have the apple botton.. can somebody please help me how to get that? :(

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  130. 07/10/2010

    hola…que chuleria me encanto el tutoria te felicito

  131. 10/10/2010

    Great tutorial! I got a bit confused on step 8 as it seems many did, but with some trail and error I found a way to do basically what you were saying… this may help some people…

    1. just copy each letter into a new layer, (also so if you mess up you still have the original)
    2. then select the new letter with either a wand, polygon, etc. whatevers easy…
    3. color the selected area black. I just used the paint can.
    4. then give it a radial blur (zoom @100), then another radial blur.
    5. then copy the blurred layer so you have 2 of the same layers.
    6. then merge those 2 layers.
    7. then put that layer under the original letter layer.
    8. you may have to move the shadow/blurs around until it looks better.
    9. repeat for all letters.

    I made a club flyer using this technique. Here’s the image link:

    Thanks again for sharing.

  132. 30/10/2010

    Maybe you should edit the page subject 3D Text On Fire | Denis Designs | Free Photoshop Tutorials & Inspirations for Web & Graphic Designers to more better for your blog post you write. I loved the post yet.

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  137. 03/01/2011

    now that’s a cool effect. can’t wait to try it out. thanks for your time.

  138. cool first its 3D and second you have applied fire effect…looks awesome

  139. law

    the fire glow on the letter did not work. What other alternative

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  141. 16/01/2011

    thanks for the tutorial nice article

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  144. 01/02/2011

    I don’t see how u made the shadows for the letters im stuck on part 8. i don’t get how to do it..

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    thanks very good admin.

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    These are spectacular comments. Very informative and very helpful to us readers who are still foreign to these kind of subjects. Thank you for sharing these information with us. Keep in touch always.

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    Before I thought creating a 3D text effect on fire was quite hard for me. But after reading your post, i changed my thought. Can’t wait to start to create another one by myself. Thank for sharing !


  152. 19/04/2011

    Its too interesting!I like it.I want more 3D effects.

  153. 20/05/2011

    Just wanted to say thanks, I notice that many of these photoshop tutorials site, as good as they are, offer ‘How To Make’ type photoshop tutorials.

  154. 21/05/2011

    Great! I’m glad it helped

  155. 29/05/2011

    thanks admın very nice 3d

  156. 01/06/2011

    Your post is quite amazing !
    It gave me many ideas for my next design project.
    Thank for your great work

  157. 14/06/2011

    hey tyler im stuck on the shadows part….. can u plz help me out …….

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    Its really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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    Wow , Thanks for Sharing , I will use this to my advantage…

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  166. Andreas
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