Inspiration: Wood Websites


Wood is a great element to add to a website to get a warmer, natural, feeling. It can also give your website a sleek look depending on what the wood looks like. Below are some examples of both. Enjoy!


The Things We Make


Elston Hardwood Flooring


Nine Lion Design


The Hippo House






Jon Rawlinson


Lanikai Properties


Agnieszka Czarnocka


No Milk Today


Caxton Street Festival


Wire and Wine


Church of the Rock


Level9 Design




Shane Mielke


Fish Marketing


Envirocorp Labs


Cotton Seed Oil Comeback Tour


Did I miss any? If so let me know below. Thanks!


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    1. Chuck Lasker

      I got one for you that I designed for a client a few years ago:

    2. :: Web Development Nerdy Daily Links For 1/23/2009 | :: Professional Web Design, Development, Programming, Hacks, Downloads, Math and being a Web 2.0 Hipster?

      [...] Denis Designs » Inspiration: Wood Websites Awesome Wooden Websites!! Inspirational!! [...]

    3. Pablo

      Hi, thank you for including BrandStorm. We got a new one using wood surface

    4. Phil

      Hi, I can�t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please :)

    5. Jason

      VRy interesting to read it :P :D

    6. 01/06/2021

      On the right side of the website under “Follow Denis Designs” click on rss. Then it will give you options to put it in your rss reader.

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    10. Roberto Delgado

      Great website collection, I just love textures on the internet. That give a great felling to the visitors, when the design is related to something we know as a compound material with volume and texture.

    11. Andrew Guilere

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